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Bamboo Lumber
Now featuring solid bamboo lumber for cabinets, furniture, andall your custom woodworking projects.

Hardest Bamboo Ever
Our all new VirginBam is our hardest product yet.  At 10x harder than Maple it is literally as hard as steel!

Distressed Bamboo
Our premium distressed bamboo is hand distressed and stained for unique character unmatched on the market.















Welson & York, Inc. is the premier distributor of bamboo flooring in Southern California.  We thoroughly research our vendors even financed upgrades of their equipment to meet our quality standards.  Since the opening of our own mill in 2005, the factories we trained to industries’ highest standards, have been shifting their products to companies such as Mannington.
Bamboo is a wonderful product and is a great alternative to exotic wood products.  It is not only environmentally friendly if processed properly it performs much better than any comparable product.  It very disconcerting to see the market being flooded with cheap inferior bamboo products.  A very candid example is this conversation with a customer.
“Just A few years ago 90% of my business was Bamboo.  Everyone wanted Bamboo Floors.  Recently I have noticed a sharp drop in Bamboo, now only 10% of my business is Bamboo and I had no idea why, until a few days ago and I overheard a couple in my showroom talking about Bamboo.  ‘Wow! Look its Bamboo! (After a brief moment of silence) But remember what (so and so)’s Bamboo Floor looked like, after a few months…’ the market has been flooded with cheap inferior Bamboo that just doesn’t hold up to even a few months of wear.”
With a myriad of importers and distributors in the market consumers can find Bamboo Flooring retail at below two dollars.  In stark contrast to our products that can be found at a reputable retailer anywhere from $7 to $30 depending on type of bamboo.
We believe in maintaining higher level standards never compromising quality over cost.  When quality and durability is mentioned two words come to mind “Aluminum Oxide” one of the most popular phrases in the prefinished flooring industry.  It is known for the hardness, strong acid and alkali resistance, high strength and stiffness and used abundantly in the top wear layers in almost all prefinished floors.  Welson & York does not use any Aluminum Oxide in our ware layer finishes.  One might ponder why such a fabulous additive is omitted.  Well one of the biggest secrets in the industry, and by far the most attractive quality is its cost.  Aluminum Oxide is the most plentiful raw metal on earth.  Manufactures pack up to 70% of the top layers with it to save on finishing costs. What the consumer gets is a product that wears well in the showroom, but when it gets installed on a floor and sees actual foot traffic the hard brittle surface starts to crack and powder up leaving glaring white lines and gashes.  Refinishing is almost impossible with an Aluminum Oxide finish.  We utilize the latest UV cured HPC (High Performance Coating) cross-linking acrylate blends with micro and nano particles, creating a durable finish that will take the dents and knocks of normal traffic and stretch and stick to the Bamboo with toughness likened to a rubber tire, and is easily refinished with traditional refinishing methods.
If you are looking for a dependable, quality product at a reasonable price then you have found it, but if budget is a concern and quality is the latter, we suggest you look elsewhere.
Our products can be found in Caesars Palace, the bluffs of Malibu and even on the studio set of the latest Hollywood Blockbuster.
Please feel free to contact us on any questions or concerns regarding our products.


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